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I was born in a very remote area near the border of Nepal and Tibet.  When I was a little girl, I used to be very fearful.  Our people all practice Tibetan Buddhism, and there is so much fear that parents give to their children.  My father used to tell me of the history of Tibet, and I heard many stories of the tortures of Hell (but not much about heaven).  I used to be so fearful—I thought it is terrible to die and go to Hell!  I remember one time we had a monk in the house, and I asked him if it was really true if people go to Hell, and he said, just to pacify me, he said, “oh no, nobody goes to Hell” and I still remember the happiness that we don’t go to hell.  But later I found out that it was not true.  Also, we have a lot of festivals, and in one, we have to go to see the monks wearing fearful masks as skeletons.  As children, we were told to go and look at them so that when we die, we would be less scared.  So I was very fearful—so much fear.  I heard nothing of God’s love—He was the one who would punish us if we were not careful.

Then I had a chance to go to have education in India.  I was in a Roman Catholic school, and in that school we had some Bible teachings.  I respected the dedicated Nuns.  But while they showed me God’s love, but they never told me much about Christianity.  Still, somehow, I liked to be with them.  They were reliable people somehow, so I like to be with them.  I would go to their churches and act like a catholic sometimes.

Then it so happened that after I finished schooling I came to KTM and joined a nursing school.  It  was a Christian mission hospital.  Even though I never thought about becoming a nurse, I applied because I could not get other jobs.  While I was there, they told me about the Christian faith properly and there we had Bible classes.  Again, I made friends with the Christians because I used to trust the Christians.  We used to have a lot of youth rallies and meetings and I heard the Word of God more and more.  People gave me books to read about Christianity, and people took me into their homes when I had holidays.  God’s word was really challenging me.  I had several offers for people who wanted to accept Jesus, and I would raise my hand, but still I was not sure.

But in the year 1972, God really challenged me one night.  That night, I went to a Christian group who took interest in me, and I stayed with them 2 months.  People used to share their testimonies, how they accepted Christ.  I remember an Indian girl who was sharing her testimony, and somehow it connected to me.  She said her father was a priest, and she said people would come to have healing and many people used to come.  But she was very scared in that house, and she always used to run out—she would rather be out in the field than in the house!  Then the one day she heard the Gospel from a Christian, and when she heard, somehow in her heart she just knew that this was the truth!  Then the Christian said, “If you accept Christ, then you say “Yes” to Jesus, and “No” to the Devil.”  She said yes to Jesus, and then she gave her life to Jesus and told the Devil to get out of her mind.  When I heard her testimony, that night I went to my room to sleep, and that testimony spoke to me very powerfully.  I wanted to accept, but so many things came to my mind—excuses—“If you become Christian, you can’t do this/that; it is better to accept when you get older….”  But that night I thought, “Yes, if I have Jesus, I say “Yes” to Jesus and “No” to the Devil.  That night it was very emotional, I was crying, and I literally looked at the cross of Jesus (imagining) and saw he suffered so much to take away my sins.  That thought came to my mind and I was crying a lot.  I accepted Jesus that night.

I thought the Christian life was going to be easy, but the Christian life was not so easy.  In the Christian life you have to put aside your own desires, dreams and ambitions; putting God first.  If I had not had Jesus, I would have done whatever I like.  So it was a tough time, and I found those decisions very hard.  I had to surrender myself.  It was tough, but it was a joyful life- where there is peace, where I can call to God in my difficulties.  I face many tough situations and I sometimes look back and know that without Jesus it would have been SO difficult to go through those things.

As a Christian nurse, I did not face major difficulties—I had Christian friends and I really enjoyed it.  Then, in 1975, I gave up nursing.  A little while later, God called me one day to work among my own people to tell about Him to others.  From 1990 to now I am serving him and obeying His call.  Now, my great desire is to introduce my people to my Jesus.

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