1. The Nomad In The Cave

(bottom left)

See this man in the cave on the thangka? This is you and I! This nomad has many questions about life, and death and many other things. In his search for truth, he hears the story of the Bible. He represents ordinary people in all four paintings.


2. God Dwells In Unimaginable Light

(top centre)

In the scriptures, we learn about God. He lives in unimaginable light (rainbow circle). He has no beginning and no end. He is unchanging and lives everywhere. He is perfect in holy character, power, compassion and love. He is all knowing and not limited by anything.


3.God Made The Whole Universe

(central sections)

God made the sun, moon, stars and also the earth on which we live. He created the seas, rivers and lakes and all the grass and plants. God designed all the creatures of the earth, wild animals, flocks, birds, fish, insects, and, finally, he made the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, to look after this earth.


4. God Also Made The Angels

(top left and right)

God made beautiful spirit beings, called angels (top left), who serve God on earth and in a holy place called “heaven”. One of these angels rebelled against God. He is now called the Devil and Satan. Angels who followed him are called demons (top right). Along with the devil, they were cast out of heaven and seek to deceive and harm humanity, especially those who love and follow God.


5. The Garden Of Eden

(bottom centre)

God placed Adam and Eve in a beautiful Garden, called Eden. In the middle of the garden, there were two special trees: the tree of life (right of centre) and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (in the centre). They could eat from any tree, but not from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. If they did, they would die. The devil came in the form of a snake and tempted Eve. She ate and gave the fruit to Adam and he ate. Instead of trusting God, they chose to disobey God.


6. Adam and Eve Leave Eden

(bottom right)

Suddenly, Adam and Eve were ashamed and realised they were naked. Through their disobedience, sin had come into this world, and now Adam and Eve experienced its results: guilt, shame, fear and separation from God’s presence. One day they would also die physically. Like a disease, sin’s results are passed down from generation to generation. God said that Adam and Eve would experience suffering but that one day a descendant of Eve would overcome the Devil. This deliverer would deliver humankind from sin, death and the devil. God made them clothes of animal skin, to cover their shame. An animal had died. This too is a picture of the price God would ultimately pay to free humankind from sin. But now that sin had entered the world, if Adam and Eve ate from the tree of life, they would live forever without knowing God’s full purposes for them. So God sent them out of the garden. God placed a flaming sword on the east side of the garden to keep Adam and Eve from the tree of life

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