Rewa | Hope


I was born Tibet and grew up as part of a Buddhist family. During my late teens I started to work for a local businessman. Slowly, I began learning from him how to work in business.

One day, my boss asked me to take a bag of things to a nearby city, so off I went. When I arrived in the city I was stopped at a check-point and asked to open my bag for them to examine the contents. When they looked through my bag they found drugs which I did not know that I was carrying!  I was immediately taken away and put in prison. I kept telling them that I did not know anything about the drugs and that I was carrying the bag for my boss. The authorities told me that if I told them who my boss was and where he lived that I would get a lighter sentence, but I knew that if I told them who my boss was, that they would arrest him and that he would be executed. I refused to tell them his name, so they told me that I would soon be executed either by shooting, or hanging as punishment for my crime.

After one-and-a-half years in prison without any sign of my sentence being carried out, two people were imprisoned with me. I do not know what they had done to deserve being put in prison. We did not speak the same languages, but with the help of another prisoner, we were able to communicate a little bit.

They told me that they were Christians and said that I should also have faith in Jesus Christ. I had never heard anything about Jesus before, but slowly they told me many things about Him. They told me that if I believed in Jesus, that He would help me, and that He could help me to get out of prison. One day, one of them gave me a necklace, which had a cross on it. As soon as I started wearing this necklace, I had a series of dreams all of which were the same.

In my dreams, some very tall people with long hair would come and gather around me and would speak to me in a language that I did not understand. I told my friends about these dreams and they suggested that it could be the creator God trying to speak to me to encourage me to become a Christian.

After fourteen months of listening to these people, I decided that I would become a Christian and renounce all of my previous Buddhist practices. I started to pray to Jesus and to tell the other prisoners about Him.

Every year, at the New Year celebration, it was the custom of the prison to release two prisoners at random. Out of over a thousand prisoners, my name was chosen along with another in-mate that I did not know. I immediately went back to see my previous employer. He was so grateful that I had not handed him over to the police that he gave me quite a lot of money. I then returned to the prison to visit my friends who were still being held there.

My two friends advised me that I should try to leave and go to another country where I could learn some more about Jesus. After some thought I decided to go to  India. I stayed there for five months and attended a small church made up of mostly Indians and a few foreigners, but I could not understand very much of what they were saying and so I became frustrated.

I then decided to go to Nepal, as I had heard that there were some Tibetan Christians there. After a short time I was introduced to one Tibetan Christian guy who took me to a small Tibetan Christian meeting. At this group, I was introduced to several other Tibetan people who know Jesus, this was very encouraging for me. Through someone in this group I have been able to find a place to study in a good training centre in India.

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