1. The Story of Noah (top centre and 2nd line)


After Adam and Eve, the earth became filled with evil and violence (top left). God was grieved! One man, Noah, obeyed God. God instructed Noah to build a huge boat and Noah told the people to turn from sin. But no one listened. Noah’s family and a pair of animals of each kind entered the boat. Then God flooded the whole earth, destroying everything. After the flood, the animals left the boat. Noah’s family escaped God’s judgment of evil in the world. Noah worshipped God and God promised Noah that he would never again judge the whole world by a flood. As a sign of this, God placed a rainbow in the sky. Then God blessed Noah and his sons and told them to fill the earth. Noah’s descendants increased but did not fill the earth. They remained in one place and built a high tower. So God caused them to speak different languages and scattered them around the earth. This was the beginning of the languages and nations of our world.       


2. The Story of Abraham (3rd line)

God called a nomad in the Middle East, known as Abraham. God told Abraham to leave his home and go to a land he would show him. God promised that his descendants would be as many as the stars. Abraham’s wife Sarah was old and a son, Ishmael, was born first to his wife’s servant girl (behind tent). Then God enabled Sarah to bear a son, Isaac (inside tent). God promised to bless all nations through Isaac. As a test of obedience, God told Abraham to offer Isaac as a sacrifice. When Abraham was about to slay his son, God provided a ram in Isaac’s place (in bush). This was a picture that one day God would send a deliverer to die in our place.


3. The Story of Joseph (3rd line: right – 4th line: left)

God’s promises to Abraham and Isaac were also given to Isaac’s son, Jacob. Jacob had a favorite son, Joseph. His brothers were jealous of Joseph and threw him into a well. Then they sold Joseph to traders (with money bag) going to Egypt. In Egypt God gave Joseph high position and he stored grain in storehouses for a time of famine. Joseph’s family escaped the famine by coming to Egypt. 350 years later, Jacob’s descendants were still in Egypt and known as the Hebrew people. Because of their great numbers, the king made the Hebrews slaves and they made bricks.


4. The Story of Moses (4th – 5th line)

God appeared to a Hebrew, Moses, and told him to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt. The Egyptian king would not allow this and God sent many disasters on the Egyptians. Finally, God told the Hebrews to kill one lamb and put its blood on their doorframes. Then God brought death (black cloud) to all firstborn children in houses without the sign of the blood. The king’s eldest son also died so the king agreed to let the Hebrews go. The Hebrews left and arrived at the edge of the sea. The Egyptian king chased after the Hebrews but God divided the water and the Hebrews walked through to freedom. But the Egyptian soldiers were drowned in the sea (left). In the desert, God gave Moses special laws for the Hebrews to follow.


5. Waiting For the Deliverer (6th line)

(Bottom line) In time, the Hebrews settled in their own land and built a temple in their capital city, Jerusalem. In the temple they offered sacrifices to God as offerings because of their sin, because sin is so serious that it cannot be removed by good deeds. Smoke rose from the temple, but through many prophets, God spoke about the promised deliverer who would one day come to free people from sin. Like the nomad on his knees, some people wondered: “when will the deliverer come?”

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