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God has done so much in my life. I have lots of things to share what God is doing but right now I would like to share with you how I met the Savior Jesus.

I am a Tibetan born in India and I am 34 years old. For 6 years I was a teacher in different schools including at a District Institute of Education and as a School principal. But inwardly, I was completely lost; I was on drugs and alcohol and searching for something. My life was really messed up and I spent my time on girls, parties, music and traveling. Even doing these things I was not satisfied. I worked with Hindus and Muslims but could not find the truth there either. My liver was damaged, and I had very poor health. What's more, I did not know whom my father was and people would tease me for this. During my whole childhood, I felt rejected and had many fears. I felt like a black sheep among a flock of white sheep.

Then one day I found a book called “Narcotics Anonymous”. It was full of real life stories just like mine. But the people in these accounts found God. So, I was so curious to know the God that these people spoke about and I used to cry out to that God. I felt so lonely and empty. Then, two years later, I got the opportunity to go to Israel where I met some Christians who shared with me about the Savior Jesus. There in that foreign land I came to know Jesus. Jesus said, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” That’s it! That verse from the Bible was the answer to my searching. I came to know what I was looking for: a Father’s love! This verse showed me that the way to know God is through Jesus. By coming to believe in the Savior Jesus, I now know God as my heavenly Father!

The wonderful thing is that since I came to know Jesus, I have been growing with him. Of course, I have gone through many trials and tests. Sometimes I have failed but God has still been so good to me. I love my Father God and his Son Jesus Christ. God's Holy Spirit is my guide and teacher. He always comforts me.

Through Jesus, God forgave all my sins. As well as that, he also gave me a new life. Now, I know that God has a perfect plan for Tibetans. I can see it. God gave me a vision a few years ago and now he is shaping my attitudes and character. He is equipping me to be his servant and to help my people the Tibetans.

God bless you all!

With love in Jesus

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