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It is a great pleasure to share my testimony to you about how I came to know the almighty God, the creator of everything, visible and invisible including human beings.

 I was born in Lhasa, Tibet, but I came to India to complete my education.  I heard about Jesus Christ while I was in India, but like other people, I was very much against this new religion.  Like many others, I did not have a clear idea about Him.  I was against Him since I did not know the reality of Who He is.  However, in the Spring of 1971, as I was preparing for my High School board examinations, I suddenly felt very lonely and started to cry.  It seemed as if no one liked me since I was different from the other Indians around me.  At that time, I saw clearly the ones who hurt me, so I cried and cried.  I cried for hours under one of the trees.  No one could stop me crying.

Then, between 2 and 3pm that day, I literally saw a vision of Jesus on the cross, asking His Father for forgiveness for His enemies.  I was stunned!  I stopped crying automatically and peace came into my heart.  I felt comforted.  I was so surprised to see this vision that I started thinking about Jesus—about His suffering, His love for cruel enemies, and His asking His Father to forgive them (the ones who not only hung Him on a cross but beat and mocked him cruelly).  I started thinking about my own pain and saw that it was so much less than what Jesus endured.  So with new strength and peace in my heart, I got up again and started to do my study.

Since that day, I am a happier person—no matter what people say about me negatively.  Since then, I am not easily angry or upset, and I feel a peace and happiness that have taken place in me.  All the teachers and students noticed the change in me, but I did not have much to say about Jesus at this time.

However, then I forgot His vision because of my busyness in study.  After high school finished, I came to Nepal unexpectedly in the same year (1971).  The first weekend, I went to Boudhanath.  This place is very famous for Buddhist pilgrimages worldwide, so I went there for worship in one of the oldest monasteries.  As soon as I lifted my right foot to enter in, I heard a Voice, "Thou shalt not bow before idols."  Three times, this Voice spoke to me. At first, I thought maybe someone else was playing around.  The second time I heard it, I was a little confused.  Was someone was speaking to me?  The third time, I purposely lifted my foot to enter to see if I was really hearing this Voice or something else.  Yes, I heard the same Voice speaking to me, saying not to bow before the idols!  I clearly heard the words, “Thou shalt not bow before idols.”  So I did not dare to go in, and I returned to my place.  Then, the whole week I was busy with my nursing study, and I forgot that Voice.  So again I went to the monastery on the weekend, and the same thing happened.  Since that time I have not gone to any monastery for the purpose of worship.

However, because I did not know much about this Voice, my life went on with my studies and work until 1984 spring.  Through all these years, one thing I experienced strongly: whenever I had difficulty or hard times or felt upset, I would see the same vision of Jesus on the cross no matter where I was-- on the road, at work or at home.

Because I did not dare to worship in the monasteries all those years, my own people started to hate me and mistreat me.  Some people even used to throw stones at me!  This went on for 3 years.  During this struggle, I received some kind of spiritual strength and wisdom.  I was never negative toward them.  Rather, I loved and cared for them.  Since I was working in the hospital, I used to help them in many ways, including finance.  I never made any differences between those who stoned me and hated me and those who did not do anything to me.  I believe this was from the almighty God-- He was at work in my life, even though I did not know Him well.

In short, after much struggle for this new faith, I got a chance to attend one of the world prayer conferences.  One friend urged me to go to a conference.  Surprisingly, I saw thousands of people from different nations!  The most surprising thing was that the preacher was speaking about Jesus on the cross asking forgiveness for His enemies (which I used to see frequently in my vision).  From this message, I understood a little but about this vision, and God's care, even though I did not know who God was.  In this meeting, again I heard His Voice three times and He clearly called me to live for Him and to work for Him.  I answered, saying, “I can't do this-- I don't know you properly.  Anyway, I can't work for You-- my people don't like me and I am alone"  But the Voice said, "You just follow Me, I will help you.  I am with you; You just obey and follow Me"  So I decided to follow Him after that, whatever situation may take place in the coming days.   

Since that time, since I obeyed Him, God has never left me alone.  According to His promises, He has always been with me.  Many times I have experienced that He is the Living God who loves sinners, but not sin.  He came for those who are sick in his or her sins.  People are not able to act for their own salvation, to carry the perfect “dharma karma.”  The word of God says in Isaiah 64:6 that our work is impure.  This means we are unable to do perfect dharma karma for our own salvation, or for anyone's salvation.  Therefore, God came from Heaven as a perfect offering, the sacrifice for our sin; and dying on the cross, He did the perfect, pure task, dharma karma.  He Himself did this for us.  In the Bible, John 3:16 says that if we believe on Him, He takes all our impure works and gives His perfect sacrificial dharma for me or for you.  Only then we will have full salvation.  The condition is to believe.

Since I believed Him and decided to follow Him, even though I did not know much about Him or His word, I have experienced that He is always with me.  He is in me.  Therefore, if you try to at least find out for yourself about this God, you may experience the same thing like me, though perhaps in a different way. May God bless you, and may His light shine on you as He shines in me.

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