What is “Salvation” for Christians?

The best explanation is a Tibetan Christian hymn composed by Rev. Peter Rapgay of Kalimpong.

  1. Aha Aha Aha Lani

God came from heaven to rescue straying sinners - Aha Lani,

Came to the darkness of sin - Aha Lani

And he took on human form.

In your hearts do not forget such love, O dear Tibetans.

  1. Aha Aha Aha Lani

Good deeds cannot cleanse the sin of our old nature -

Aha Lani

We need a new nature - Aha Lani

To prevail against our sin.

Trust in Jesus so that you might be reborn in this present life.

  1. Aha Aha Aha Lani

Repent of your sin inherited from ancestors - Aha Lani.

However great your sins are - Aha Lani

Jesus precious blood will cleanse.

Then take refuge in Him so that you'll receive salvation.

As this hymn says, salvation comes from God’s love for sinners, through faith in the Saviour Jesus. Salvation cannot come by good deeds, but by a gift from God. God alone can cleanse away our sins, give us a new birth and a new nature. Those who take refuge in Jesus will receive full salvation when they die, living with God forever.