How do Christians pray?

Christian prayer is different from Buddhist prayer because the nature and purpose is different. Christians pray to God as “Father” because they have a special relationship with God through the Saviour Jesus. This relationship develops when Christians pray and God often speaks to his followers in various ways.  God reveals himself to believers in many ways, especially when they pray to Him and when they obey His word.

Christians very often pray on their own, sometimes reading the Holy Bible and singing hymns as well as praying. The Saviour Jesus advises believers to pray secretly, because praying long prayers in public may cause pride. Therefore Christian prayer can be unseen by others. Prayer from the heart can be continuous.

In prayer, Christians worship and thank God. They ask God to help them or grant requests for other people. In prayer, believers can experience great peace and joy. They can also express their sadness. There are many types of Christian prayer.

When Christians have meetings in church buildings, in homes or outside, they usually sing hymns and pray, they read from the Bible and hear teaching and words of encouragement from the Bible. They share their experiences and pray for one another and discuss ways to share the love of the Saviour Jesus with other people.