What is God like?

In the HOPE DVD, the storyteller Choembay describes God in the following way. This is similar to the descriptions of God in the Bible and in historic Christian creeds:

Before there was time or anything,
Before there was space or physical matter,

There was the most high God.

He is far beyond our ability to describe.

The Most High God is the only God,

He is all-powerful and perfect,

Unchanging and without beginning or end,

Invisible and without creator.


He exists in unimaginable light.

He is all-knowing and all-wise.

He is perfect in every way.

He is not limited by anything.

He is a holy Spirit, without physical body.

He is without origin and exists everywhere.

Whatever he purposes he can fulfil.

He is the One who loves and cares for all peoples.

The God of Glory is the only God.

He is full of grace and love.

He understands the suffering of all humanity.

He loves and cares for people equally.