How do Christian teachings benefit a person’s daily life?

Christian teachings make a practical difference to people’s lives. First, believers discover a wonderful relationship with the living God. This experience grows over time and brings peace and joy that is beyond understanding. Often people are healed from physical and emotional sickness and set free from addictions to alcohol, tobacco or drugs. Instead of wasting money, Christians often discover they have more time and emotional strength to earn their living and to do good deeds.

Secondly, Christian teaching benefits other people. The Saviour Jesus taught us to “love our neighbour as ourselves”[7], even our enemies[8]. He also taught us to forgive other people the wrong things they do to us. The Bible strongly teaches the equality of all human beings. God loves in equal measure the sick and needy, the blind and the dumb and those of low intelligence. Each human being, male and female, is special because each human being has been created to reflect something beautiful of God’s own nature. This changes our attitude to other people because we can see that every person is counted as special by God.