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I was born in Tibet in a place called Nubri, but I grew up in Katmandu with my uncle.  I did not stay with him for long, but grew up with my aunt until late teenage years.  In school, I did not hear anything at all about Jesus.  Instead, in the morning and evening we would have Tibetan devotions where we recite Buddhist rituals.  Also, in our school, we learned Tibetan history, which included Tibetan religion.  One time, when I was in class 9, a friend got a letter from a religious group and there was also written my name!  He told me to open and read it, but my friends told me not to read it because it will draw me in!  I was confused and scared and did not read it—I just tore it up and threw it away.

While I was in my Auntie’s house, I was struggling, so I left my auntie’s house and stayed in my brother’s house.  Up till then, no one had told me about Jesus Christ.  My sister had heard about Him for four years, but I had heard nothing.  One day, a friend gave a farewell party, and there I met a lady from Finland.  She constantly came to visit me and to encourage me—I found out about who Jesus was by watching her life and the life of her friend.  They would pray for me, and some Nepali and foreigner friends would pray for me also.

Since I had learned to reason while studying in school, I wanted to know more about this Christian faith.  I had so many questions in my mind.  I was looking for peace, and when they shared, I wanted to reason it out.  I asked a lot of friends many questions about Buddhism and Christianity—about what is the difference between them.  When I was studying Buddhism under the influence of relatives, I had no peace.  When we went to the prayer room, we would sometimes laugh and have questions in our minds.  If we asked, our parents didn’t have answers.  We were always lost about what it all meant.  One day, one of my Christian friends told me that Jesus said He was the only way to God.   When she told me that, I said that the Dalai Lama humbles himself by saying “I am just a monk”.  I tried to show how humble the Dalai lama is-- he is a god, yet  he humbled himself.  Jesus said that He is the only way, and I found this a little bit offensive, and so did my younger sister.

One day around this time, my younger sister had a dream.  One dream made a great impression on me. We had two water tanks downstairs—one for my sister and me and one for my brother.  We had to get up at 4 AM to put the pipe in the right tank otherwise we didn’t get water.  In her dream, my sister got up early, went down, took the pipe, put it in our tank, and suddenly water came rushing out.  She got the sense that this was what it would be like to have Jesus coming into our lives.  Then she realized that it was just a dream.  The alarm rang, and she woke up.  She did the same thing, and the same thing happened!  Her dreams and the word she spoke really impacted me.  I thought maybe we should call our friend and talk more about it, but my sister said, “No” at first.  However, we talked with our friends, and they said that probably it was Jesus calling us.  I was just reasoning this in my heart.  At the same time, one of my Christian (Finnish) friend skipped her lunch and came to me.  She handed me a Bible, and told me about Jesus being the Source of peace.  Whereas the Buddha and Dalai Lama go searching for peace to find it, she said Jesus is the Source of peace!  I said in my heart, “This is the one I have been searching for!”

On August 19 or 20, I called two (Finnish) Christian friends to come and pray for me because I wanted to accept Jesus.  My sister was very upset, and told me that I was not making the right decision.  My two Christian friends came and they made sure that I really wanted to accept Jesus.  They led me in a prayer.  Then after that, my Christian friend asked about the red string on my wrist.  I told her about the Buddhist practice and that it was for protection.  She told me that I did not need it anymore because Christ would protect me.  We cut it off.  Now my sister was very angry and would not talk to me.  I was really surprised myself afterwards, and I felt a little lost.  But I was just praying and asking God to help me with my sister, and I prayed to God in the morning and evening.  We had such a tough time after that.  I thought that when I came to Christ, I would be stress free since He gives us peace.  I found that being more like Jesus Christ is not easy, but He is always with us, He comforts us through His Scripture and through other Christians; He helps us.  Sometimes when I look back, I think, “How did I make this decision?”  But then see God chose me and brought me to Himself.

God’s work in me has really changed my life—the way I think of myself.  Before I always thought I was useless, like a piece of dirt-- but now that is totally changed.  I think the way we look at ourselves is important.  We have to think of ourselves in God’s way.  The Bible says that I am chosen by God, that He predicted my life and knew me before I was born!

At first, after I became Christian, my relationship with my family became worse.  But after some work, my relationship with my younger sister, my sister in the monastery, and my parents became like family and was restored (originally our relationship was not good as I had gone away from them after birth).  However, my auntie and uncle rejected me now that I am a Christian.  I pray for them, even though I feel grief that our relationship is broken—they are like my parents.  I have prayed that one day God will reconcile us.

In 2003, I thought about going to be an air hostess.  I am not sure why I did not submit my application, but I stepped back.  Instead, I went back to DTS and studied more about God and the Bible.  Meanwhile, God put me in a mission field and I had a really tough time there.  I cried day and night.  (Rom 8:28 "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.")  In 2005 I got chance to study in Malaysia and from there I went to Thailand to share with others about Jesus.  There I really felt the heartbeat of God during this time.  There was a woman who was always asking me to pray for her healing, and during that time I really felt the compassion of God.  That made me come back among my own people to work and share about what I have seen and heard about Jesus.

Though I struggled a lot in the beginning of my life as a Christian (sometimes even in relationships with other Christians), God has been working out his purposes in my life.   A verse in the Bible, Proverbs 3:5 & 6, really encouraged me to go through the really tough times:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”  

That encouraged me that I can choose to trust Him in all my ways.  When I look back now, without God Himself, I am afraid of what might have happened.  But God has never left me alone.  I am glad that God has used these things to mold and polish me, and now God has brought me to where I work now.

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